Swimming Pool Equipment

Types of Swimming Pool Equipment

Here are some of the main types of pool equipment that supply, install, and repair:

ff2.jpgEnergy efficient pumps

The addition of a modern and energy-efficient pump can significantly lower your power consumption.

Salt systems

Many clients like a “saltwater” pool. These salt systems rely on the breakdown of salt or sodium chloride to provide the chlorine to sanitize the pool. Saltwater pools have much lower amounts of chloramine which is what gives pools a strong chlorine smell and burns your eyes.

Ozone systems

The beauty of an ozone system is that an ozone generator is very effective at sanitizing pool water by oxidizing contaminants. This, in turn, reduces your need for and consumption of chlorine. When you lower your chlorine demand, you lower your operating costs and your use of chemicals.

Dedicated Suction Line

spa5.jpgA dedicated suction line is more efficient than the typical pool vacuum that is attached to the skimmer. When the suction line is not connected to the skimmer, both the suction and the skimmer operate more effectively. It’s a great way to have a cleaner pool, top to bottom.

In-floor cleaning systems

It’s now possible to have automatic cleaning systems that work to keep dirt and debris suspended in the water column until the skimmer skims it out. With an effective skimmer, this makes for a cleaner pool.


Make sure you’re using the right type of filter for your application. We can help you choose the right filter.

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