Swimming Pool Repairs and Renovations

We tackle all manner of swimming pool repairs and rebuilds from a simple resurfacing to a complete redo of the whole outdoor space.

Aqua Design Pools & Patio tackles concrete swimming pools repairs and remodeling all over Houston and in Cypress and Fort Bend counties.

We have under our belt over 300 swimming pool remodeling projects plus over 250 new concrete pool projects.

We manage and execute renovation and repair projects from a small lap pool to a very large and elaborate outdoor entertainment space. And we will repair your pools no matter who originally built it.

Typical Pool Parts That Can Be Modified and Repaired

after3_1.jpgAdd a spa

Start enjoying your backyard with a spa or hot tub. We have a big selection of spas to choose from that will best suit your needs and your space available.

Change your waterline tile

Waterline tile can become damaged or boring over time. New waterline tile can give your pool an entirely new look. It’s also one of the easier things to change in an existing pool.

Come by our design centers and take a look at some of our ideas and sample tiles.

It’s also possible to visit our tile suppliers: Noble Tile and National Pool Tile for even more ideas.

Change your coping

If you want to change your coping or cap tile, talk to us. We suggest, for example, working with travertine, and we are connected with local stone suppliers. There are many options available to changing your coping that will dramatically change the overall look of the pool area. Let us help you. Travertine is available in different colors, and traditional coping can be used too. There are also other natural stones available other than travertine.

Trim tile

Tile inserts can be changed or added in a variety of colors. These inserts are an additional safety measure for those getting into or out of the pool, but the tile also comes in several colors and adds aesthetic appeal to the pool interior.

Add a sun shelf

Lots of clients like a sun shelf. It’s an extended shallow area—about 6” deep—for children to play in or where adults can lounge in a chair under an umbrella. We can add a sun shelf to your pool.

Add Swim-up Seating

Rolled Bond Beam Conversion

It’s possible to remove any exposed pebble and then use a natural stone to replace it. This is what’s called a rolled bond beam conversion, and it’s a way to change the look of a concrete pool and fortify the structural integrity at the same time.

after22.jpgAdd a natural rock waterfall

Who doesn’t like a waterfall? The sound of running or flowing water can add a special dimension to a backyard pool. It’s very relaxing to listen to the waterfall, and the addition of one can make your pool area look anything from natural to exotic.

Add a sculpted rock waterfall grotto and slide

You can add a slide that is actually part of a waterfall and rock grotto. Grottos can be custom-sculpted to create the exact look you want.

Stacked Stone

Stacked stone can be added or modified to be an artistic or structural element in pool design. Stacked stone can also be incorporated into a waterfall.

Change your swimming pool's shape or depth

Whatever you want for your pool, we can make it happen. Shape, depth, look, and even function are all things that we can address and modify.

Wok Pots and Fire Bowls

Using pre-cast wok pots and fire bowls can add interest and depth to your pool area. These pots and bowls are available in an enormous variety of shapes, sizes, and colors.


Water scuppers are another element that can be added on a raised area to add interest.

Sheer Descent

Sheer descent is when a continuous flow of water looks like a sheet or pane of glass that flows into a pool. It’s fun to swim under a sheer descent, and it looks lovely from a distance. Different kinds of underwater or ground lighting can be added to further draw attention to this water feature.


Lighting has greatly evolved in and around swimming pools. We can light up your outdoor entertainment area in many different ways including lighting that can be remote controlled and is in different colors. LED lighting is also available, which is particularly bright and energy efficient.

Telescopic Fountains

A telescopic fountain is a water feature inside the pool that moves out of the pool and then retracts into the pool as part of its movement, interest, and water flow.

Deck Jets

These are small jets that are typically flush mounted and which direct small streams of water into the pool. They create an interesting look that can appear classic or just plain fun.

Mosaic Tile Inserts

Mosaic tile inserts may be added or changed to pool steps or floors. They come in many shapes and sizes to match anyone’s taste and style. You can see many types if you visit our suppliers National Pool Tile and Noble Tile.


We can create or change your decking to fit any style. Many different options are available with concrete, such as stamped, carved, sprayed, and then natural stone pavers are also an option.

Pebble Tec

We are proud to say we are a certified Pebble Tec® Installer. Many color choices available.

Pebble Sheen

We are proud to say we are a certified Pebble Sheen® Installer. Many color choices available.

Standard plaster

We have our own recipe for our traditional plaster using cement and marble sand. Quartz can be added to the plaster to modify the overall look and color of the finished product.

Quartz Select

This is a special type of finish that has quite a bit more quartz added as well as polymers and pozzolans. This type of plaster finish is significantly stronger than other types of plaster.

If your existing pool needs repairs or renovations, contact us at Aqua Design Pools & Patio to schedule a free consultation and 3-D design today!